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Jntu Hyderabad Results: BTech -B-Pharmacy 4-2 R09, R07, R05, NR Regular & Suplle Results -2015

Search Engine Optimzation (SEO) Training in Hyderabad

Introduction of SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Basically, it means optimizing specific web pages or entire website so that Google and other search engines will easily aware of them and place them on the top of other search results. Although, search engines won’t rank entire website on the top but yes, few and relevant content pages will rank easily.

Advantages of SEO

Due to SEO, thousands of business has flourish till now and will be flourish in coming years. SEO is a strategy that helps to rank website on the top. If particular website is on the top of the search engine that means your website is getting more and more traffic on daily basis. And if your traffic is increasing then visitors will increase, sales will increase automatically and nutshell is : profit will be more. Because these days, people don’t have much time to go shop to shop to search good stuff with affordable price or discount. So, millions of people prefer to purchase online and love to save money. 
In the same way, businessmen are facing lot of competition to stay on the top and to make money. So, they really need a SEO expert who can help them to improve their website ranking in the search engines. And they are ready to spend huge money if they will get good traffic.

Hence, here is the opportunity for those who wants to make money along with their higher studies or wants to work as a freelancer or you want to join any company as a SEO analyst.

Apart from the above information, there is another biggest question might be coming in your mind that how we can get the best and reliable SEO company or a person who can help you to understand what is SEO ? Why its important for website ?

Now a days, there are many companies who are offering SEO training courses either on page or off page and they are charging huge amount. A few students find it worthy or few not. Then what is the best solution for this problem ? If you are really keen to know , HOW ?

 There is a person who has a experience of 6 years in SEO. He has optimized thousands of business website. He is providing SEO classes in Hyderabad at genuine price. He is fully aware about white and black hat SEO. And the name is Mr. Kranthi . He is also working with multi-national company as a SEO manager. Contact Mr. Kranthi to learn SEO from scratch. He will teach you complete SEO in a proper manner. You will get extra tips and suggestions from Mr. Kranthi , those tips and suggestions will help you in coming life. This SEO training is not only for graduates who wants to make their career in SEO ; its for everybody who wants to learn SEO. Don’t waste time to think, just join SEO training in Hyderabad and secure your future in SEO companies. 

Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology in Hyderabad

College Address:
Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology,
(Affiliated to Osmania University)
Gandipet, HYDERABAD, India
PIN: 500075
Phone: +91-040-24193276
 Fax: +91-040-24193278

City office:
Chaitanya Bharathi Educational Society(Head Office),
D.No:- 3-5-925/2B, Keshava Memorial High School Lane, Adjacent to Masjid, Narayanguda, Hyderbad Pin:-500029,Andhra Pradesh.
Contact: 040 - 23223300, 040 - 65503276.

JNTU-HYDERABAD : MBA 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Semester (R13, R09) Supple Exam Results - February - March 2015

Last Date of Recounting and Revaluation is 14th May 2015

05-05-2015 : MBA 1st Semester R13 Regular - Supplementary Exam Results - March 2015 - LINK 1 - LINK 2

05-05-2015 : MBA 1st Semester R09 Supplementary Exam Results - March 2015 - LINK 1 - LINK 2

05-05-2015 : MBA 2nd Semester R13 Supplementary Exam Results - March 2015 - LINK 1 - LINK 2

05-05-2015 : MBA 2nd Semester R09 Supplementary Exam Results - March 2015 - LINK 1 - LINK 2

05-05-2015 : MBA 3rd Semester R13 Regular Exam Results - February 2015 - LINK 1 - LINK 2

05-05-2015 : MBA 3rd Semester R09 Supplementary Exam Results - February 2015 - LINK 1 - LINK 2

05-05-2015 : MBA 4th Semester R09 Supplementary Exam Results - February 2015 - LINK 1 - LINK 2

How Engineering Students can Manage their time to get Good Marks?

A few individuals accept that truly successful students are simply born to that way. Actually, a few students have the capacity to easily get through with practically zero exertion. Then again, the lion's share of successful students make their progress by creating and applying compelling study habits. The below given are the main 8 study habits utilized by exceptionally successful students. 

1. Plan when you're going to study

Successful students plan particular times during the week or month when they are about to finish their study material - and after that they strictly follow their timetable. Students who consider sporadically and unusually commonly don't execute and also students who have a set study schedule.

2. Study at the same time

Its really essential that you just make plan when you are about to study that you additionally make a consistent, routine schedule of study. When you study in the free time every day and every week you're examining will turn into a consistent piece of your life. You will be rationally and candidly more arranged for every study session and every study session will get to be more productive.

3. Each study time should have a specific goal

To basic study over without heading is not viable. You have to know precisely what you have to finish amid every study session. Before you begin contemplating set a study session objective that help your general academic objective (i.e. retain 30 vocabulary words with a specific end goal to expert the vocabulary area on a forthcoming Spanish test.)

4. Never procrastinate about well planned study session

s common and easy to put off your study session due to absence of enthusiasm for the particular subject, on the grounds that you have different things to do before your studies. Successful students don’t waste time on other things except their studies. Don’t procrastinate because it leads to disappointment.

5. Begin with the most troublesome subject first

Generally,questions arise is how to study well in less time for Engineering Students. People have many assumptions but the exact answer : as your most tough task or subject will need extra effort rather than other ones. So always start with tough subject first. When you will complete the tough one before - you will get some relaxation from that particular subject. This is the easiest way to manage your time.

6. No distractions or disturbance whiles you are doing study

Before beginning study - you just need to make sure that there is no disturbance or no distraction around you that can distract your mind. Students will not able to study properly in the presence of distractions.

7. Study in groups effectively

If you study in groups that helps you a lot because you will get more clear and broader idea that what you are reading and you can discuss with your friends whatever you have read. You groups friends can solve your doubts.

8. Review your notes and other materials over the weekend

Successful students check and review what they have read amid the week through the weekend. Thusly, they are all around arranged to keep adapting new ideas toward the start of every week that expand upon past coursework and learning procured the past week.We are certain that you will add to the propensities plot over which you will see a real change in your scholastic success.

Follow all these points  to manage your time and get good marks.

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Top 10 Study Tips

Have you ever heard somebody say that secondary school evaluations is not very important? It's right that your college teacher won't think about the evaluation you got in 10th grade geometry, yet he will be keen on the study abilities you adapted along the way.

Secondary school is an essential time for learning best study habits and enhance your mulling over strategies.

Here are 10 study aptitudes for secondary school students to help you to succeed in school.Writing and making notes are very essential study aptitudes for secondary school students transitioning into college.

1. Manage your time wisely
Get used to keep track of your precious time in secondary school and it will pay you off  in college. You may take as few as three or four classes every semester in school that is just around 15 hours every week really spent in class. While you may not sit in class for the same number of hours as you have done in secondary school, your upcoming college studies will be multiplied. To manage your spare time is very important as to deal with your "occupied" time.
2. Organize!
Make a plan of a week or of a month or write it on your diary. If organizers are not your cup of tea, take a stab at making schedules or utilizing your telephone timetable to stay informed regarding assignments, imperative dates and events. Depending on "simply remembering" can be troublesome when your commitments and assignments begin to heap on.
3. Identify how you learn
Figure out what is best for you. Is it true that you are a glimmer card female? Perhaps, you are a fellow who notes down vocabulary words 10 - 20 times to learn each of them. Explore different avenues regarding new things, yet stick to the reliable study skills that have worked for you previously.

4. Is There a better way to study?

Many individuals cram to tests by considering into the a few hours before sleeping. Just have a look at your habits of study. Rehashed, short sessions of mulling (studying) over are substantially more compelling than a six-hour session before sleeping.

5. Catch some Zzz's

Try not to awake till 4 a.m. When you have test in the morning. Scientifically, Sleep has been proved to be a noteworthy element on your GPA and also responsible for how well you perform on different tasks.

6. Attend class regularly

While secondary school attendance is an important thing, its great practice in school. Most college classes will just meet a few times every week, so they will tally a great deal more. Numerous college professors just permit two to three absences through the entire year.

7. Ask questions

Try not to be hesitant to raise hand to ask questions from your teachers for help! They aren't there to terrify you; they are always there to help you. students in class are another awesome wellspring of data and support. Make certain to exchange cell numbers and your email ids with them amid your initial couple of weeks of class. They won't just assist with schoolwork, yet some of them may even transform into long-lasting companions.

8. Make study groups

To study with other students and chipping away at assignments together can be useful as well. You can illuminate focuses you may not comprehend and help other people by clarifying the parts they find hard. Teaching and discussing with others may even assist you get a handle on a superior comprehension of the data also.

9. Sharpen those writing skills

Take in the artistic work of the college furthermore just to make sure to take notes in class. Composing and note taking are vital study aptitudes for secondary school students transitioning into college. Try not to compose everything as your instructor says, however make certain to highlight the imperative points. Also, you can stand up in comparison notes in with different students to survey parts of lecture you discovered troublesome or may have missed.

10. Study outside

Don't simply contemplate in the library. Select numerous spots to study will help you to keep your weariness level low and may even assist you to perform better on test.

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JNTU Anantapur B.Tech I Year (R09) Supple Results Jan 2015 Released

How to Check JNTUA B.Tech I Year (R09) Supple Results Jan 2015

1. Go to JNTUA Results Portal : Click Here
2. Click on the “Click Here for Results of B.Tech Year I Semester (R09) Supple Examinations, Dec/Jan 2014/2015″
3. Enter Your roll number

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21 Simple tips to improve student motivation

The best lessons, books and materials on the planet won't get students excited for learning and willing to buckle down if they're not inspired enough.
Inspiration or motivation, both inherent and outward, is a key to consider the achievement of student at all phases of their education and teachers can play an important role in giving and empowering that inspiration in their students.
Here we have mention 21 tips to improve motivation of students.
1. Give students a sense of control
While getting direction from an teacher is imperative to keep children on errand (task) and motivated, permitting students to have some decision and control over what happens in the classroom is really one of the most ideal approaches to keep them locked in. For an example ; permitting students to pick the kind of task they do or which issues to take a sense of control that may simply spur them to achieve more.
2. Define objectives
It can be exceptionally baffling for students to finish a task or even how to behave in a class if there are not able to define goals. Students have to recognize what are the expectations from them to stay persuaded to work. Toward the start of the year, lay out clear goals, principles and desires of students. So that there should not be any perplexity that students have objectives to work towards.
3. Make a risk free environment
While students do need to comprehend that there are outcomes to their activities, significantly more persuading for students than threats are encouraging reinforcements. At the point when instructors make a secure, strong environment for students, insisting their confidence in a students capacities instead of laying out the results of not doing things, students are considerably more liable to get and stay propelled to do their work. By the end of the day, students will satisfy the desires that the adults are around them to communicate.
4. Change your scenery
A classroom is an incredible spot for adapting new things, yet sitting at a class room area for a full day can make school begin to appear a little bit dull for a few students. To reestablish enthusiasm for the subject or just in adapting by and large, give your students an opportunity to move out from the classroom. Take field excursions, get speakers or even simply go to the library for some research. The mind cherishes oddity and another setting can be exactly what a few students need to stay spurred to learn.
5.Offer varied experiences
Not all students will respond to class lessons in the same way. For a few, hands-on experiences may be the best. Others may love to peruse books quietly or love to work in groups. So as to keep all students inspired, stir up your lessons so that students with diverse preferences will each get time concentrated on the things they like to do. This method will help students to stay engaged in and focused.
6. Use positive competition
Competition in the classroom isn't generally an awful thing and it can persuade students to invest more energy and work to meet their expectations. Work to encourage a friendly spirit of rivalry (competition) in your classroom, maybe through groups games related with the material or different opportunities for students to hotshot their insight or knowledge.
7. Offer rewards
Everyone likes to get rewarding and giving your students the opportunity to gain them is a phenomenal source of inspiration. Things like watching movies, pizza party or actually something as basic as a sticker on a paper can make students work harder and truly intend to accomplish. Consider the identities and needs of your students to focus more prizes for your class.
8. Give understudies responsibility
Assigning students classroom jobs is an awesome approach to assemble a community and to give students a feeling of inspiration. Most students will see classroom occupations as a benefit as opposed to a burden and will endeavor to make sure that they and other students are meeting their level of expectations. Also, it can be valuable to permit students to alternate leading activities so that every one feels esteemed and important.
9. Allow student to work together
While not all students will seize the opportunity to work in groups, numerous will discover it enjoyable to attempt to solve problems, do experiments and chip away at projects with other students. The social interactions can get them amped up for things in the classroom and students can motivate each other to achieve an objective. Teachers need to guarantee that groups are fair and balanced.
10. Give praise when earned
There is no other form of inspiration that works same like encouragement. Indeed as adults, we crave for praise and recognition and students at any age are no exception. Teachers can give students an abundance of inspiration or motivation by rewarding success freely, giving praise for an occupation well done and offering praiseworthy work.
11. Encourage self - reflection
Most of the kids want to succeed, they simply need help to figure out of what they should do in order to reach at their goals. One approach to motivate your students is to get them to examine themselves and focus their own qualities and shortcomings. Students are regularly considerably more propelled by making these sorts of studies of themselves than by having an teacher do it for them, as it makes them feel responsible for making their own goals and objectives.
12. Be excited
One of the most ideal approach to get your students motivated is to impart your excitement. When you are excited for teaching then students will be much more excited than you.
13. Know your students
Get to know your students is about more than simply remembering their names. Students need to realize that their teacher has a interest in them and about their success. When students feel admired it creates a secure learning environment and inspires them to work harder as they love to get praised.
14. Harness student interests
To your students additionally has some other pros, to be specific that it permits you to relate classroom material to things that students are keen on or have experienced. Teachers can utilize these hobbies to make things additionally fascinating and relatable to students to keep students motivated for a long time.
15. Help students find inherent motivation
It can be incredible help students for getting inspired. However, they should have to be able to create their own inspiration. Helping students to discover their own personal purposes behind doing class work and buckling down.
16. Manage students anxiety
A few students discover the possibility of not doing great so uneasiness affecting that it turns into a fantastic toward oneself prescience. For these students, teachers may observe that they are most inspired by discovering that battling with a subject isn't the apocalypse. Help these students time to time so that they can feel motivated.
17. Make objectives high but achievable
If you're not pushing your students to accomplish more than they can, most won't look to inspire themselves on their own. Students like to be tested or challenged and will work to attain to high expectations.So do not afraid to push students towards success.
18. Give feedback and offer opportunities to improve
Students who battle with class work can infrequently feel baffled and get down on themselves, depleting inspiration. In these circumstances it’s very important that teachers can help students where they are wrong and help them to improve.
19. Track progress
It can be hard for students to see exactly how far they have come, particularly with subjects that are troublesome for them. Progress tracking can be very useful for teachers as well as for students.
20. Make things fun
Not all class work needs to be a game or a decent time, however students who see school as a spot where they can have a ton of fun will be more persuaded to focus and do the work that is needed of them than the individuals who view it as a task. Including fun exercises into your school day can help students who battle to stay connected with study and make the classroom a considerably more neighborly place for all students.
21. Offer opportunities for success
Students, even the best ones can become demotivated and disappointed when they have an inclination that they are just battling or not getting the any recognition that other students are. Assure that every students get an opportunity to play to their qualities and feel esteemed.

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