Best Course in Engineering After Intermediate


Hi…..everyone!! I am here to explain you all about the course that you have to join after intermediate. “Mainly parents think about the future of their children.” Here you will get the maximum information and some clarity about what you are looking for. After the completion of the intermediate majority of the parents think about engineering only.Many of the questions may arise to you while choosing the course in engineering.

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  • Which is the best course in engineering?
  • Is this engineering gives the best future to your child?
  • What are the advantages of engineering?
  • By taking which course you will get settled?                                                                                      Here are some of the questions that arise to your brain. I am is giving you the answers to those questions which are helpful for your future. Now I will tell some of the important courses in engineering:-

BE (Bachelor of Engineering)

  • *Ceramic Engineering
  • *Aeronautical Engineering/Aerospace Engineering
  • *Computer Engineering
  • *Civil Engineering
  • *Mechanical Engineering
  • *Electrical engineering
  • *Chemical Engineering
  • *Industrial Engineering
  • *Automobile Engineering
  • *Marine Engineering
  • *Environmental engineering
  • *B Arch (Bachelor of Architecture)

*Textile Engineering                                                                                                                                    These courses have good scope in engineering. But taking other courses will be adventurous for us.                                                                                                       Next…, some of the people think what I have to do after engineering?    For them here I am giving some of the suggestions which may be helpfull.You must have asked yourself thus question a lot of times at some point or the or situations may you have faced in your life. 

“The society is more concerned about the job and salary you get after education.”                                                                                          Some of the options are here for you after engineering:-

  • Campus placement
  • Go for a Mtech. degree
  • Do MBA
  • Prepare for civil services
  • Short term courses
  • Entrepreneurship start your venue
  • Go Abroad
  • Join army
  • Be a change maker
  • Explore the artist in you                                                                                                                        ”  IN INDIA YOU ARE NOT JUDGED BY WHAT U HAVE STUDIED BUT WHAT YOU DO AFTER THE COMPLETION OF INTERMEDIATE…….”                                                              *HOPE THIS INFORMATION MAY BE HELPFULL FOR YOUR FUTURE


Best Course in Engineering After Intermediate
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