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clear backlogs in JNTU

Tips to Clear Backlogs in JNTU

1st-semester students are yet to have a glimpse of backlogs because it is something which is unusual in pre-university courses and SSLC. Gone are...
Clear Back Logs

Tips To Clear Back Logs in JNTU Examination

Do you ever get bogged down in a backlog? Looking to Clear Back Logs in JNTU? Here are some points on which you can work...
Java Vs. Python

Java Vs. Python – Which Is the Best to Learn and The Reasons Behind!

Java and Python are both excellent programming languages and both are widely adopted. The answer to your question about which is more powerful depends...
Java Interview Questions

Java Interview Questions for Job Seekers

In the last post, we have discussed on Hadoop Interview Questions and now we are going to explain the most commonly asked Java Interview...

How to Prepare for NEET Exam – Self Learning Guide

Everybody is busy in surfing over their textbooks, reference guides, notes, studying into the night, and sitting at their desk, sucking on pencils and...
How to Score Good Marks in JNTU External Exams

How to Score Good Marks in JNTU External Exams – Easy Tips & Tricks

As like every student, you also want to score good marks in JNTU Examination? Scoring good marks in now a low hanging fruit with...