Being a DataStage developer, what should be the next step in your career, if you are not a very good in coding?


If you were not very good in coding, don’t need to worry further, join DataStage Tutorial and be a DataStage Developer! In today’s post, we are going to discuss how to be an experienced DataStage Developer!

How to be a DataStage Developer?

Follow the below steps to be a DataStage Developer:

Most ETL jobs will require some coding because the ETL tool simply cannot perform all the tasks with it’s out of the box transformations.  It’s typically going to be a mixture of OS scripting, database scripting, or something like Python.    The good news is that many of these technologies have open source or community licenses which can be downloaded for free or on a trial basis.  Oracle Database, MySQL, Python.  You can also download Informatica PowerCenter Express.  Or else, join any of the online DataStage tutorials and start learning DataStage and Big Data.

DataStage Developer
DataStage Developer

Bonus Tip to be a DataStage Developer

My advice would be to get onto a large DataStage project so you can learn from other developers.  Try to avoid a high-pressure project where experienced developers don’t feel like they have the time to talk to you.  If you find it too difficult to learn DataStage on your own and you cannot get training then consider learning one of the downloadable ETL tools like Talend, Kettle, Pervasive or Microsoft SSIS.  If you go into a job interview be honest about this experience – tell them you have downloaded and taught yourself ETL tools – that shows some commitment to learning.  It’s a damn site better than someone who claims to have DataStage experience but who cannot answer some simple DataStage questions.

How does DataStage Compare to other ETL tools?

I am going to compare DataStage to Informatica – they are the two most popular Enterprise ETL tools on the market – and Microsoft SSIS.  The popular database ETL tool comes too cheap with SQL Server.


On the final recap,

Don’t worry if you weren’t good at coding! Take the time to explore what you like doing and what you’re good at.  Above all, don’t get discouraged!

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Being a DataStage developer, what should be the next step in your career, if you are not a very good in coding?
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