Datastage Installation Steps for Windows


Doing Datastage Installation is little bit time consuming. So you need to take some time for the installation. It will take 4 hours maximum to install the Datastage in your system.

Here you are going to learn how to Install Datastage 8.0.1 Version.

Before continuing with the Datastage Installation you need to see your system requirements.

Your system should have

a) Miminim of 2 GB Ram

b) Windows Server 2003 ( You can Install in another Windows Xp also, but it is better to have Windows Server 2003 only)

c) You need to Install Oracle 9i/10g before the installation of Datastage.

d) You need to keep Fire wall off .

Open Your Cd to Install

1) Click on Install.exe

On the next Screen You can see

IBM Information Server




—–Metadata Repository

—–Select All

Click on Select All and Next

Than Give File name from Browse

2) Select Product Module and Component.

3) Select Installation Type as


4) In Database Server Selection Select Install DB2 Version 9.1

5) In Metadata Repository Configuration

Databaser Owner——- xmeta

Password ——- xmeta

Confirm Password—— xmeta

Database name ——– xmeta

Databasser Instance

Database Location : c:location


6) In websphere Application Server Select Install Websphere Application Server


7) In Websphere Server Administrator Information

Username ——- admin

password ——- admin

confirm password–admin


Click on Start

8)Websphere Datastage Provides

Click on New Project

Give any name ( For example Project1)


9) In In formation Analysis Database

Database Owner : Welcome

Password : Welcome

Database Location : c: Location

10) In DB2 Server Selection

c:/ibm/ —–

11) Db2 Instance ownwe information

instance owner : db2 admin

password : server

confirm password : server

Instance Name: Db2inst

Instance part number: 50000

Click on Next

12) In odbc Drivers

Open Database Connectivity

Directory Name

Click ok Next

13) Job Monitoring port Configuration

First tcp/ (50000)

14) In National Language support

click on install NLS for websphere datastage server

Click on Next

15) IBM Websphere MQ Plugin selection

click next

16) Oracle Operator Configuration

click on configure an existing

Oracle 10g ( Which you have installed in your system already)

In IBM Information Server Desktop Shortcuts

Click tick

17) Pre-installation summary

Click on Install

If you got any warnings in the process just click ok

18) Restart when ever required, if it asks.

Click FInish

19) Click on Webconsole Information Server

Start—-Control Panel —- Administrative Tools—Services

In services

a) ASB Agent Started Automatic

b) Datastage Engine Started Automatic

c) Datastage Telnet Started Automatic

d) DB2- DB2 Copy Started Automatic

e) IBM Websphere App Server v6 Started Automatic

20) Oracle Service you can give as orcl or oracle

21) In IBM Information Server


username admin

password admin

22)In Tools — Internet Security — -Internet — Custom level–prt all enable

User Authentication


Click on ok

You will get the message as

Welcome TO IBM

Datastage Installation Steps for Windows
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