Easy Tips to Improve Your Engineering Drawing Skills


As an Engineering Aspirant, we all well know that Engineering Drawing is a subject which requires a lot of practice as well as thinking. Here you need to learn more about: Top View, Front View, Lateral View, Projections etc. In this article, today we are going to discuss “Tips to Improve Your Engineering Drawing Skills”

Every first year engineering students will face enough difficult subjects and Engineering Drawing is one of the toughest. One of the most common subjects behind in everyone’s backlog list on par with M1 is drawing.

Why do Engineers Need to Draw?

Engineers think, design and then communicate through their sketches. However brilliant your idea is, if your client can’t understand its value, it won’t get very far. Here comes the importance of improving your drawing skills.

The importance of Engineering Drawing:

Engineering Drawings are found very helpful to many industries to make their productive layout on a sheet of paper to get higher productivity. If you choose your career as an Engineer, you should know the drawing fundamentals:

  • Design any part of machinery,
  • Make changes in existing mechanical drawing,
  • Sketch the invention on paper,
  • Follow a certain technical field.

Tips to Improve Your Engineering Drawing Skills

Thousands of engineers recommended that the below methods work in helping them improve their drawing skills in engineering.

Introduction to Engineering Drawing

This is the first and the easiest unit there is. Either for an R13 paper or any previous JNTU Question paper, the pattern has not changed; this unit can get you 15 marks if done properly.

The questions asked for the examinations are simple, so scoring full marks in this unit will be as simple as a piece of cake.

Learn Unit V

As like the first chapter, Unit V is too easy to score the full mark! This unit involves more common sense that it has to do with drawing. You need to focus your perception on how a 3D figure looks like in any view asked (Top view, Front view etc.) To score the full mark of 15 here, all you need is a little thinking and more practical knowledge.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practicing using Previous Question Papers is the must! Engineering drawing requires patience and practice to start with. Practice enough figures from the most familiar topics to crack the pot.

Put Little More Effort to Present the Drawing Better

A neat presentation will work wonders in your exam. Do enough practice on drawing and concentrate more on how your figure looks like. If you present the drawing neat and precise, the examiner might show a little sympathy and may reward your efforts.

Get Help from Lecturer or Online Resources

Engineering Drawing is one such subject where you need a good tutor who will oversee your work. Find such person and sit down and clear your doubts and get to know the subject. You can also get help from online resources and study materials.

These are the few tips you can focus on to improve your engineering drawing skills. But I assure that no tip or trick will help you without your own hard work!

So start practicing today and be an expert in Engineering Drawing! To download previous Engineering Drawing Question Papers, visit JNTU World!