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It is important for the students to crack the GATE exam. They should make their preparation seriously. The guidance and GATE Exam Study Materials for Civil Engineering provided here at JNTU World is to make the preparation and tips about How to crack GATE Civil Exam.

Scoring a good rank in GATE opens up an ocean of possibilities for a candidate. A good rank can fetch you a high-scale job or a Master’s Degree (M.Tech., M.E., M.S. etc.). But to crack the exam, it is essential to know how to prepare for GATE exam. Here you can download GATE Exam Study Materials for Civil Engineering.

We at JNTU World know the importance and popularity of this most respected and desired branch in the field of engineering. For Civil Engineers, qualifying in GATE is really a daunting task and also it is one of the most desired competitions in the country as well. If you really want to crack the exam, download the GATE Exam Study Materials for Civil Engineering given below and start preparing.

We have collected and uploaded all the essential GATE materials for civil engineering students. These materials are highly helpful and it will surely help you crack your dream competition. So don’t delay, download “GATE Exam Study Materials for Civil Engineering

Download GATE Exam Study Materials for Civil Engineering

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Geotechnical Engineering


Structural Engineering Analysis Design


Water Resource Engineering

As for now, we have listed few of the most important study materials. We assure that we will upload the remaining as soon as possible. Meantime, you can download these study materials and start your preparation schedule.

How to Prepare for GATE Exam for Civil Engineers

Some of the subjects will have more preference compared to others. Make a list of subjects depending on marks from previous question papers. The distribution of marks helps the students to allocate the time for preparation.

Observing previous question papers is must while preparing for GATE Exam! Arrange the previous year papers of the exam, and try to observe the trends in the questions. Try to make out the topics which have the maximum weight, the topics which are asked very frequently, the topics which are easier but still have a considerable weight, etc. That will help you in the long run. Make sure you work with maximum effort on the relevant topics.

Apart from learning, you should be confident as well. The candidates who do well in the exam are like you only; they just do things with more dedication. So make sure you are dedicated enough towards the goal!

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