GATE Study Materials for CSE and IT 2016 – Free Download


How to prepare for GATE CSE & IT? JNTU World is here to help you with that information. If you want to learn for GATE 2017 CSE, this article is a must for you. Here we have provided the GATE Study Materials for CSE and IT 2016 in PDF format.

How to prepare for GATE CSE?

Computer Science Engineering is composed of these major topics:

  • Data Structures
  • Automata and Language Computation
  • Mathematics and Digital System Design
  • Operating Systems

We have tried to provide all the essential materials and notes for the students of computer science and information technology. We know pretty well the importance of GATE exams and that is the reason we are collecting and providing every bit of information and materials. This collection of exclusively provided for the students from JNTUH, JNTUA and JNTUK University.

GATE Study Materials for Computer Science which are provided here are as per the GATE 2016 Syllabus and includes all important topics for CSE in GATE exams. However, if you think that we have missed anything, kindly let us know and we will surely look into it.

Download GATE Study Materials for CSE and IT 2016 in PDF

C++ Demystified

C++ Essentials

Compiler design – compilers principles, techniques, and tools – A.V. Aho & J.D.Ullman

Computer-Networks-Peterson-Davie CSE

Data Structures And Program Design In C

Data Structures and Program Design in C++ – Robert L. Kruse

Database Management Systems Ramakrishnan Gehrke 3rd Ed + Solution

Elmasri Navathe – Fundamentals Of Database Systems

The C++ Programming Language Special Edition Bjarne Stroustrup

The Compiler Design Handbook 2nd Edition Dec 2007

Theory of computing

These are the collection of study materials provided here for GATE Exam preparation for CSE and IT 2017. If you want any specific GATE materials apart from this, you can simply leave a comment in the comments section and we will get in touch with you.

Important Tips on how to crack GATE Computer Science

  • As a Computer Science Engineer, you must know how to write code properly. You should know the syntax and basics about at least one programming language. C++ and Java are the most popular choices.
  • CSE requires very good knowledge of the working of computers and hence, the subject of /computing /theory must be studied with care.
  • CSE students should understand the basics of operating systems and data structures as there has been an increase in their importance in both the market and the question paper.
  • You should know all the basic and popular algorithms by heart. Do not cram them but make sure you understand each and every word and its importance.
  • The popular algorithms about Stacks, Queues, Trees and Graphs should be studied properly.

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