Tips for How to score well in your engineering examination


Engineering stands as one of the most chosen professional course in India. Whether it be in any field( Computer, mechanical, civil or any other), what everyone want is to score well. With the increase in the number of students soughing after this professional course, it has become difficult for many to be in the competition and all tends to fail to survive this fight. How to score well in this factor everyone search for.

Even average and below average students gets the opportunity to pursue this course due to high number of colleges.Many a students due to this factor lack to score well and many tends to fail and even get detained due to this high competition in the market. Many a times, students are also being forced by their parents to get into this field, which becomes a burden for the child as he/she may not be that good in that field, which ultimately force them to attempt suicide. But what if i say there are ways that can help you score well in your engineering examination. All you need to do is follow this simple tips given below. With this you can enrich yourself to score well.

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Tips For how to score well in your engineering examination

1.  Start early : The first and foremost thing, an individual can do is to start as early as possible. On a basic research, it is found that majority of students tends to waste their time involving themselves into fun and enjoyment. They just become careless about their studies and become stress less. Knowing the fact, they will face problem at the end, they just ignore it. This is first and foremost time when a student makes a mistake. Not only engineering students but also students from any field makes this mistake.

We all know it’s okay to relax and spend some of our time in fun activities. But on the same hand we need to make it sure that we are not wasting much of our time in all fun activities. All one need to do is find out some time and start preparing( or just go through) what has been taught in the class on the very first day. This will reduce the burden that many face at the last night of examination.

By doing this everyday, you are making sure that you are covering that small portion of your syllabus. This in fact is less time consuming and even help you to prepare for your syllabus like a pro. If you continue to do this on a daily basis, you are making it your habit in fact. Trust me, you are going in the right direction. If you manage to do so, you will be almost prepared for examination. At the right time, just before examination, you will get enough time for revision. And revision is the most important thing, a student should focus on to cope up with How to score well.

2. Online Study Material: Focusing on online study material is the right way to achieve success in how to score well in engineering examination. Many a students rely on old traditional books to score good. It may be okay to do that but at some point of time, you will realise that you don’t have much time to spent on it. Than at that point of time you will feel that taking help from online study material is the best way to score well.

Youtube, is the perfect place where you can find excellent online study materials for your semester. Youtube will get you a lots of video on study material which will help you learn step by step. I am focusing more on youtube just because studying with study materials in video format helps one in the perfect manner.

Using google, yahoo or any other search engine for your question is good enough. Consulting websites can be a good one in it’s own way. At the end when you won’t have any friend beside you, website can be one of your mate to help you.

It is even appropriate to be a part of any particular group in facebook. the reason behind it is that you can ask any question at the end moment. This will surely help you when you fail to find your answer in any book or website.

3. Teaching others: Teaching others is the best possible way to ensure you are going in the right way. While explaining it to others, you make sure that you know the topic well. If you are not well aware about the topic you can’t explain it to others. And if you manage to explain them in the best way, it means you are well prepared for your examination.

Make it a part of your daily life to teach someone else. Teaching someone weaker than you in studies will automatically help both of you. Answering to their questions would give you confidence to answer correctly in examination. On the other hand, the weaker one will also get confidence to answer correctly in examination.

Don’t just do it for your benefit. Don’t forget you are teaching your own friends. Teach them for their good too. Their examination may depend on you. So do teach your friends when you yourself is well prepared with your syllabus. Just keep in mind, Teaching others is the best way to teach your own self.

4. Sweet section: The best part to score from is the sweet section of the question paper. Sweet section basically refers to the portion of the question which contains the maximum portion of marks. Majority of the portion of question is the sweet section. It is consider that 40% of the paper consists this sweet section.

All you need to do is consult your teachers to know more about this sweet section. Check out previous year question paper, try to know more about the type of questions that the university focuses on. Make sure that you focus more on this sweet section as desert is the best part of a meal. Analyse all the question paper of all the subjects and make a deal that at any point of time, you can face these questions without any hesitation.

That will be the time when you will be prepared best for your examination.

5. Study Vacation: Well, this is the time to study and not to have fun. Many a students waste this time roaming around with their friends and girlfriends. But this isn’t the time for fun. You have to utilise this time in the proper way and have to reduce the burden of studying.

You need to relax the day before examination that will help you more than taking a whole lot of burden. Plan for a movie or a trip to amusement park, the day before examination. This will help you more. OK, don’t plan for a movie or a trip to amusement park but make it sure you don’t take a whole lot of burden on your shoulder, the very last day. Just go through the book thoroughly rather go through the notes. Plan to go through all the sweet section of the paper. That’s where you are planning it right and going in the right direction.

Just be sure that you have completed all your study material from before. This will give you ample of time to work harder on revision and relaxing. That’s the perfect tip to how to score well in your engineering examination.

6. Regular Question: Just like the sweet section, regular questions are also a sweet part of the question paper. We do find many a times, same types of questions are repeated every year. That is the part which you need to grab to score well. Going through few previous year question paper will make you accustom with what type of questions do come commonly in each year. And trust me getting this part of the paper will surely fetch you a good marks.

7.Stop postponing: This is the most vital of your life. Not only for your examination but also for your future life. Stop postponing things for tomorrow. All those fake promises that you make to complete work the next day won’t work out. The work given to you today, should be completed by today. This is the first way to success. Stop procrastinating, this is the only thing. If you had done this correctly before, you were not reading this article now.

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Make this sure that you complete the work assigned to you on that particular day only. By postponing, you are doing nothing but increasing the burden for tomorrow.

8. Handwriting: The most important part of the paper. It is found that due to your bad handwriting, the examiner may get irritated and strike out your marks where you deserved it. If you work on your handwriting, it may be fetch you some grace marks which will add up to your total.

Good handwriting can never fetch something bad. Good diagrams with good handwriting may please your examiner and help him go through the paper in details correctly.

9. Hangout with your friends: Hangout with friends can be good if you are doing it with the studious ones. They can help you with notes and special information to clear the paper in a proper way.

You can be a owner of their valuable resources, if you keep a good touch with them. This factor helps you alot. They will even help you with your doubts and can also be a good teacher for you. So don’t leave such friends once you get them.

10. Motivation: Motivation will always help you to grow more. Through out your life if you are motivated, no one can stop you from achieving  success. Being motivated brings in confidence which help you to answer wisely and in a more proper way.

You can go to Youtube to find the perfect motivational video for your part. Sandeep Maheshwari is of the Indian, who himself is a dropout,has earned a great respect by his motivational videos. If you go through some of his video, you will be surely motivated. This will make you look forward more towards your studies and less towards other fun activities.

So, these are some tips on how to score well by me. If you follow all these tips accordingly. It will surely help you in scoring well. No doubt, you may always be the highest scorer of your batch.

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Tips for How to score well in your engineering examination
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