JNTUH B.Tech 4-2 EEE Study Materials & Lecturer Notes R13 & R15 – Download Free!!


In addition to paying attention in class, lecture notes can be your most powerful study resource. Yet many students don’t bother with it, thinking they can get necessary information from their textbook, PowerPoint presentation, or the student in the next row. These cases will not succeed. Although, paying attention in class and taking lecture notes is essential, following proper notes during exam preparation is more important. We the JNTU World provide the students with the most accurate and perfect JNTUH B.Tech 4-2 EEE Study Materials and lecture notes which will be easier and simpler to follow.

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To make it easier for the students to organize their notes and study material, we provide the notes for each subject separately in separate PDF files. Following are the list of subjects of JNTUH B.Tech 4-2 EEE Branch along with the links.

Fundamentals of HVDC and FACTS Devices

Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic

Renewable Energy Sources

Principles of Reliability Engineering

Advanced Control Systems Notes (ACS)

Extra High Voltage AC Transmission Notes (EHV AV)

Introduction to Nanotechnology

JNTU World provides notes and materials for all the other branches also, which are available on our website. We provide services in other resources also and these other resources include JNTUH previous year question paper, JNTUH Syllabuses, etc.  We request you to study this material along with your textbook and your syllabus which will help you cover the portions topic by topic. And if you notice any topic we missed out, kindly report us. We will update the missed content as soon as possible. Preparing like this will help you in achieving good marks in the examination. If you find any difficulty in downloading or if you find any broken links kindly report us so that we will clear the issue immediately.

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