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The Viva Examination is the final hurdle of your academic career. If you’re eagerly waiting for your final year B.Tech/B.Pharm viva-voce and viva date, read this article! JNTU Hyderabad released a notification and scheduled dates for JNTUH B.Tech/ B.Pharmacy 4-2 Viva-Voce and Viva Date. So we request the principals of all affiliated colleges to inform the Viva-Voce & Viva examination schedule to all the final year students.

JNTUH B.Tech/ B.Pharmacy 4-2 Viva-Voce and Viva Date

JNTU Hyderabad has provided the timeline and the schedule for the conduct of JNTUH 4-2 Viva-voce examinations, April / May 2017. Scroll down to check out the timetable for Viva-Voce & Viva examinations for the final year.

JNTUH B.Tech / B.Pharmacy 4-2 Semester project viva-voce exams to be conducted from 22-04-2017 to 01-05-2017

Note: Viva-voce Examination will be conducted at the respective Colleges only. For more details, confirm the respective staffs.

That’s the info announced by JNTUH University regarding JNTUH B.Tech/ B.Pharmacy 4-2 Viva-Voce & Viva examination. So, all the final year students are advised to contact their respective colleges for more updates and to know about the exact dates for the commencement of Viva-voce in their respective colleges. But the university has confirmed that it has to be conducted between the dates of 22nd April 2017 to 01st May 2017.

The Purpose of the Viva Voce Exam

The purpose of the viva is to validate your thesis and show the examiners:

  • You did the work yourself
  • Have done the reading
  • You have a good knowledge of the field
  • You wrote the thesis yourself

How to Prepare for Your JNTUH B.Tech/ B.Pharmacy 4-2 Viva-Voce and Viva Date

Getting ready for your viva exam isn’t something you need to panic about. I agree that it’s normal to be anxious, but you can prepare yourself for the day by following the below steps:

  • Get to Re-Know Your Thesis
  • Practice Your Exam Responses
  • Think About Your Examiners
  • Use the Support Available

Taking a structured approach to your exam preparations and making sure to follow each of these steps will help give you the confidence you need to effectively defend your thesis.

Points To Remember On the Day of Your Viva:

Dress smartly for your viva, as you would do for a formal interview. The viva is an open book exam, take the following with you:

  • A copy of your thesis
  • Paper and pens
  • Bottle of water

A typical viva lasts around 2 hours, but it could be longer! Try to remain calm during the viva. Listen to the questions and take your time answering them.

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