How to Pass B Tech JNTU Exams


How to pass b tech JNTU exams

Well, it is the extremely complicated matter that the students of JNTU are trying to get good marks in examinations, but anyhow they get simply pass or sometimes they can score great marks it depends on upon how a student represents his or her paper and answering the questions. Presently we are sharing a some of the important tips which are required for the preparation of schedule or the preparation before the examinations, students need to concentrate on the examination preparation additionally, the better the preparation the better chances of scoring good marks.

Step by step instructions to Score Good Marks in JNTU Examinations

Here we are giving you a few tips to compose the examinations and to score good marks:

  1. Read the Question Paper completely and afterward pick the questions that you remembered or you can attempt easily and can write those answers.
  2. Now it’s an ideal opportunity to start writing the examination, first of all, make margins with pencil and scale properly.
  3. Choose the question first which you remembered and answer that question. In straightforward words attempt the question which you can compose perfectly.
  4. Try to clarify the first paragraph of the answer to the question deeply, and paragraphs must begin with the Sub Headings (if required) and underline subheading or headings with a pencil.
  5. If there is a diagram/circuit diagram in that answer, attempt to draw the diagram in the middle of the answer (or after the paragraph where it is necessary), draw a neat diagram with the pencil and write the name of the diagram below the graph, chart or diagram.
  6. In a similar sense write the complete answer and attempt to make the first answer in 8-10 papers or according to the requirement and after that compose the following answers taking after this procedure only.
  7. Try to attempt all of the 5 questions, if not at least 4, if not least is 3, and furthermore attempt to write the appropriate answers in 25-30 pages of the booklet, with the goal that you may score good marks.
  8. At last re-check all of the appropriate answers and check the ‘question numbers in the booklet then write the end and strike out the rest of the booklet papers and furthermore write the pages in the OMR sheet of the Booklet.

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General Examination Tips
  1. Students should develop good handwriting skills, to impress the faculty and the evaluator; there is scope to give more marks with the good handwriting.
  2. Indeed, even after good preparation if the candidate is not ready to present well the appropriate answer then whole preparation will go waste. Students should try to attempt and develop good presentation skills to score well, for this writing the notes while preparation will develop them to write fast and presentation abilities.
  3. Read the question paper for 10 minutes, understand the questions, and, even then if you do not understand don’t panic, try to find out the known words from the question and co-relate with the known answers.
  4. Answer the questions which are very well prepared, if you write well-known answers in the first place, it will give the good impression to the examiner/evaluator, then he/she may give more marks.
  5. Write the answer according to essential, don’t write access and don’t waste your valuable time

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At long last we might want to suggest eleventh-hour arrangement is not sufficient to get the good score in B.Tech course, you need to begin the preparation from the day one.


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How to Pass B Tech JNTU Exams
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