How to Pass In JNTU Kakinada Examination – Tips & Tricks


For all the students who were studying in the first year of JNTU Kakinada University, it is the very first time that you are facing the JNTU Kakinada Question pattern examinations. So, for scoring good marks which in turn fetches you the good percentage, I would like to share few points or tips with you regarding – How to Pass in JNTU Kakinada Examination.

How to Pass In JNTU Kakinada Examination – Tips & Tricks 

Tip #1 – Look out the JNTUK Syllabus before start preparing for the examination! To score good grades in the examination, don’t forget to prepare at least the 5 units without fail. If you are preparing to pass your exam then you have to prepare at least 3 units. Students can choose first the difficult one and then the easiest units out of 8 units.

Tip #2 – Prior to the examination, download JNTUK Timetables! Find out the exact dates of your exams. You will know how much time you have left before each exam. It might help to draw up a table which includes all your subjects and all the weeks you have until the last exam, and then fill in the exam dates.

Tip #3 – It is suggested to refer JNTUK Study Materials and JNTUK Textbooks! Prepare a timetable or study plan for all your subjects and stick to that timetable.  Leave some time for breaks, meals and free time but ensure you have a good time slot each night for revision.

Tip #4 – Download JNTUK Previous Question Papers! Take up to 5 old question papers for each subject and unit wise questions. Solving these question papers will help you score good grades.

Tip #5 – Read the question paper for 10 minutes, understand the questions, even then if you do not understand don’t panic, try to find out the known words from the question and co-relate with the known answers.

Tip #6 – Presentation of answers is the must to score good marks in the examination. Draw the diagrams with a pencil. Underline the headings and subheadings with color pens (prefer sky blue or orange). This decoration should look attractive; it should not disturb the neatness of the paper.

Other Tricks to Follow:

  • Attempt all the 5 questions even if you know only 3 out of 8 questions.
  • If there is a strike off in your answer. Strike it neatly using a single line.
  • If the answer contains any equations then try to write the equations separately in the next line and if possible draw a box over it using a pencil.
  • Don’t write number of pages from 40 fill at least 30 to 35 but don’t write below 15
  • Don’t leave the paper without writing anything; try to write any related matter on those questions so that you may fetch at least pass marks.

The above are the best tips and tricks about how to pass JNTU Kakinada Examinations. Share the collection of information with your friends and other JNTUK Students.

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How to Pass In JNTU Kakinada Examination – Tips & Tricks
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