How to Score Good Marks in JNTU Exam 2017


Hi, Students! Soon after completing higher secondary, each and every student dreams of becoming an Engineer by joining the appropriate engineering course in the most famous Engineering College like JNTU. After joining, the first question that strikes their mind is: “Will I be able to score good marks in the JNTU exam?” The answer to this question is: “Yes, you can; but it needs little more hard work, easy tips & tricks”.

Fortunately, passing engineering courses with 40-50% of easy, but unfortunately, this percentage will not work in real life. It becomes a major hindrance when you opt for further studies and getting a job.

Now we are sharing some of the insights of JNTU exams and the important tips to score good marks in the JNTU exam. The better preparation, the better chances of scoring good marks!

Tips to Follow before the JNTU Exam:

  • Draw Up a Study Time Table: Find out the exact dates of your exam and draw up a timetable which includes all your subjects and all the days you have until the last exam.
  • Prioritize Your Subjects and Start Studying: If you think you need more work out on your weakest subject, include that subject in your top priority list! Put a timetable with all your subjects in an order from most to least important! Stick to this timetable and leave some time for breaks, meals and free time but ensure to leave a good time slot on each early morning and night for revision.
  • Don’t ignore any of the Subjects: If you decide to spend your entire study time to focus solely on the weakest subject because you think you know the others, then you’re wrong! Don’t ignore any of the subjects but make sure you’re spending few more hours to study the prioritized subject.
  • Make a Planned Preparation: During the preparation mainly focuses on headings and subheadings (it’s better to memorize them), because almost all examiners instead reading all the contents, they just make a glance of what you’ve written by reading the headings and subheadings.

The above-mentioned are the things that you should be practiced before the examination. A recent survey revealed “Maximum 98% of students will study on the day before exam” But scoring good marks without proper homework is not possible, but fortunately it can be made possible if you follow these tips.

How to Score Good Marks in JNTU Exam – Easy Tips & Tricks

  • First of all, before start writing the exam, make margins with pencil and scale properly. Then choose the question which you can write almost perfectly. Try to give the first answer very neatly and correctly so that the examiner will impress with your booklet.
  • Try to explain the first paragraph by giving a clear explanation about the question asked and continue writing with headings and subheadings. And underline those headings with a pencil.
  • If there is a diagram or pie chart, draw a neat diagram with a pencil and write the name of the diagram below the diagram and name the parts clearly.
  • Try to attempt all 5 questions if not at least 4 questions and also try to write the answers 25 to 30 pages of the booklet, so that there is a good chance of scoring good marks.
  • At last, re-check the answers and also the question numbers in the booklet. Make sure there is no spelling error in the answer sheet. Don’t forget to check your registration number in the booklet before submitting.

Give your best by following all the tips with the neat representation of answer! Share this article with your friends and yeah don’t forget to follow us for more updates, Stay tuned with us to get more updates on JNTU exam updates, JNTU exam results, timetables, etc.