How to Score Good Marks in JNTU External Exams – Easy Tips & Tricks


As like every student, you also want to score good marks in JNTU Examination? Scoring good marks in now a low hanging fruit with the help of simple tips and tricks mentioned below. These points are gathered from experienced faculties, from the experience of JNTU Toppers and JNTU Students who passed graduation without any backlog. Now let us discuss on How to Score Good Marks in JNTU External Exams

Since the external examination is mainly based on pen and paper, the main thing to consider is “Your Handwriting” If your handwriting is good then it’s not an issue; if not then try to write the answers clearly and make sure to keep 3 space gaps between each word. Try to avoid making mistakes as the evaluator shouldn’t get irritated with your paper.

The next comes is the presentation, i.e. the way you present your answer. Paper presentation plays a vital role in evaluation. Try to write your answers in a point wise manner and write them correctly don’t bluff in the points as it may give a bad impression.

The above points are considered as the magical wand which helps to score good marks for you. Apart from these, doing hard work will also help you a lot. Start preparing for your examination once the JNTU Timetable is announced. Prepare a timetable and stick to it. Draw a table which includes your subjects and how many days you can allot for each subject. Prioritize the subjects according to your assessment whether you’re weak or strong in it.

Revision is very important if you don’t have sufficient time, revise at least diagrams, important formulas, and equations. If not, you can also try out previous JNTU question papers.

Tips & Tricks to Follow During the Examination:

  • If you don’t know any of the questions or if you are seeing that type of questions first time just read the question carefully for 5-10 minutes, you will find some known words from that question try to write the answer on those words as much as possible. There might be a little chance for scoring marks for that answer.
  • Don’t write number of pages from 40 fill at least 30 to 35 but don’t write below 15
  • The answer should be written at least 3-5 pages
  • Your handwriting should be neat and clear
  • In programming languages try to write a related program which you know.
  • Figures are important in the answers, try to figure out the answer and make sure to draw clearly and neatly.
  • Don’t leave the paper without writing anything; try to write any related matter on that question so that you may fetch at least pass marks.

Practical Tips to Follow While Studying

  • Study while listening to light music which will help you to concentrate more.
  • Study in the same place daily, it will help you to concentrate well.
  • Don’t keep a watch in front of you; it will unnecessarily increase your B.P.
  • Remove TV, film magazines, film posters etc., from your study room which will divert your concentration.
  • Don’t study for long hours at a stretch. Relax in between for a while and try to recollect what you have studied.
  • Don’t have quarrels or arguments with friends or parents and don’t spoil your moods.

These are the few easy to follow tips to follow to score good marks in the examination. So why wait? Visit JNTU World, download JNTU Timetables and start your exam preparation today!

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How to Score Good Marks in JNTU External Exams – Easy Tips & Tricks
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