Tips and Tricks to Pass JNTU Examination with Flying Colors


Exams had never been a friend to any of the student. The students who are a scholar(s) or week(s) are scared of exams.

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Some students have different opinion or view to appear for examinations such as
1) Solving Previous Exam Papers – The most common reason to pass the examination that a student thinks is to solve the previous year’s examinations paper, but this is a misconception and is not always true
2) Good Handwriting – It is partially true that while writing exam paper, the handwriting should be clean and neat. This might impress or might not the paper checker but will make it readable to judge the content accordingly
3) Use color pens (except red and green color) to make answer sheet attractive but do not overdo. You have to submit answer sheet and not a greeting card.
So, here we are with few tips and tricks to appear for the examinations of JNTU.

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Tips & Tricks

1) Most of the paper checkers check the papers for the sake of money. More the paper they check, more the money they earn. Thus, they hardly take a minute to check your entire paper. So, ensure you draw or highlight relevant diagrams, equations, and side headings with the help of colors or draw a box around them
2) If there is a question for which you don’t have any answer, simply write the question as it is. Who know if you can get 2 marks for the same
3) The most important thing is the revision. If you are running short with time then at least revise the diagrams and equations
4) Do not compare yourself with your friends. The brain of every individual is different. Just give your best and perform better, Be Happy with that.
5) Believe in yourself and do your best. You will definitely pass the examination with flying colors.
So, now take a deep breath, take the name of your god and start preparing for your exams.
Wish you Best Of Luck and a great Career ahead!!!

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Tips and Tricks to Pass JNTU Examination with Flying Colors
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