Top 10 Tips To Get Higher Marks In Engineering Exams


Are you scared about your exams?No wonder it does bring a sense of fear in us,examinations are mere punishment.Although we fail to realize that it is only due to exams,we get to step the final stage of our ambitions and also get an opportunity to live in our dreams.

Now you might be wondering how to cope up with the exam pressure and even score maximum marks in engineering exam.

 Anyone can get good marks if he/she follows simple and easy tips

    Lets look into the top ten tips to get good marks in engineering exam:

  • Concentration:

Make sure that you are fully attentive while writing the exam both physically and mentally.Avoid any sort of distraction.Don’t look here and there, just focus in you’re paper and also carry necessary items with yourself so that you don’t have to ask as it may disturb others and you can focus on your topic without any disturbance.

  • Hand writing:

Majority of the students take the value of handwriting very lightly.they don’t understand that their handwriting will bring some extra  marks.If your handwriting is neat ,visible and easy to read you get a few extra marks by virtue of your good handwriting. It should be always appreciated and favored. Clear handwriting is a way to get good marks in exams.

  • Quality content:

If you wan to score excellent marks in exam, you should not stuff your answers with any unwanted trash.Mainly ,pupils are under the impression that they write more they’ll get good marks. Mainly marks are allotted for your quality writing and not for just quantity.So it is the master of art of content and score easily.

  • Avoid Grammatical Mistakes:            

It may play a very significant role in getting higher marks in engineering exam. So as much as possible avoid all the obvious grammar as well as spelling mistakes.One way of achieving this is by reproducing all your answers in very simple and plain language instead of using complex terms.

  • Accentuate your answer:

Where ever possible emphasize your answer by drawing a diagram. You can draw flowcharts and illustrate your knowledge also make the diagram effective and not shabby .Next highlight main points and words in your answer by underlining the important phrase.Present your answer as neat as possible without any cuts and strokes.

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  • Use paragraph:         

In case of long answers where you need to write paragraphs adapt the method of paragraphing. After every 3 or 4 points a new paragraph should commence.To get good command over language one should read as many books as possible.

  • Sequencing:

The style of writing is very important. A notable point wise answer will absolutely earn you more marks than a long piece of writing. Highlight your answer point-wise starting from the most important to the least important. Pay a lot of attention to your writing style,it may definitely give you some bonus points.

  • Balancing your writing:

You don’t need lengthy answers in an apparent scarcity of time for other remaining questions. Similarly, if you write too little for questions it requires elongated answers. You will lead missing main points of an idea . If you balance it out well you will get higher marks in exam.

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  • Check and Re-check your answer paper:

Many of them fall short of time to check the answer paper after finishing it. To avoid this try to complete your exam paper before 20 minutes so that you have enough time to check all your written answers . You also can see if each and every answer has been numbered correctly or not.

  • Allocate appropriate time :

Before you begin, allocate time for every question . Few of the questions will need more time than others. Allot the time accordingly i.e.,always allot your time to each question based on marks fixed to it.             There are many ways to get good marks in engineering exam,the best way is to read from textbooks and solve as many questions as possible. Probably, less than 0.5% students do this the reason is simple exam pattern does not test your concepts.                                                                                               Actually,we don’t call the exam pattern a pattern! The current semester exam paper is simply a copy paste of a previous semester paper with a few random changes but keep studying if you really want to learn.                                                                                                       What are the other ways you can score well?

  • Last 5 years papers :     

Make a note of all the answers asked from a unit since the past 5 years. One day before exam learn the answer to these questions.

  • Make brief notes for every topic from a particular subject. This works well. If the subject contains lot of diagrams you can draw those diagrams and write summary of that topic.                                                                    ” I hope you have made up your mind about your preparation method. Now-a-days , even learning of the internet or some kind of coaching institutes is also a good idea but the reason for studying should be to understand the subject concepts and should be out of guide.”

This will help you in placement’s and some stuff not only for scoring some good marks in engineering.                                                                          Just keep working towards your goal and keep evaluating your self.                                                             “Challenges are high , Dreams are new….,                  The world out there is waiting for you ,

Dare to Dream ,Dare to Try,  No Goal is too distinct …., No Star is too high”


Top 10 Tips To Get Higher Marks In Engineering Exams
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